The company has a huge enterprise cohesion and humanized enterprise culture, adhering to the integrity, pragmatic, innovation and development of entrepreneurship in the service of you, your satisfaction will be our common wealth.

XUPURUI UV lamp use American GE quartz tube, high quality electrode, lamp holder and the material such as pure silver plated copper wire, we have 20 years of experience in the UV lamps, can according to customer requirements, produce reliable UV lamp replacement.

UV technology widely application field in recent years, mainly including PCB, LCD, electronic, printing, plastic, wood industry, shoe industry, glass, craft glass, painting, etc., including paper, metal, glass, ceramic surface, applications, and arts and crafts products...

Zhuozhou Xupurui Lighting Source Manufacture Co., Ltd. pecializing in the production of uv light, iodine gallium lamp, metal halogen lamp, exposure lamp, spray lamp, printers, lights, etc., our company is an enterprise of producing all kinds of industrial special light source, has a modern management system, advanced production technology and equipment and highly qualified technical personnel, is engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service as one of professional production companies, can be processing, OEM, long-term recruit dealers.

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