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High quality 3.6kw 4.8 kw hand held UV curing machine

UV-3.6KW UV curing system

Power : 4kw

Input : 380v 50hz

Light source : 3.6kw UV lamps

Working type : Continuous drying

4.8kw label curing system

Input : 380v 50hz

Light source : 4.8kw UV lamp

Working type : Continuous drying

Product Description:

Portable UV curing machine

    This machine is a set of portable ultraviolet curing equipment, which is suitable for small batch production. It is designed to split structure, consisting of UV lamp box and power supply box. Due to its high flexibility and versatility, This UV curing machine has been widely used in UV curing process.


Cost-effective,Energy efficient,Long lifetime UV lamp,Imported aluminum UV reflector


1. After the power is turned on, you can direct the work. If you want to stop working, simply cut off the power supply.

2.Avoid turning off the power frequently. Delay of 5-10 minutes after cooling before re-starting.


1.Avoid exposure directly to ultraviolet light. Operator must wear sunglasses, long-sleeved clothes and packed rubber gloves.

2. Ventilation working environment is necessary.

3.Do not turn on and off the lamp frequently. It will affect efficiency and lamp life.

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