UV triggers

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UV triggers

                 Power : 250w - 3kw

                 Size : 15*10*5cm

                 Weight : 0.8kg


Product Description:


UV triggers are necessary to matching various kinds of lights with its electric apparatus. We can provide various starters according to your request.

It can be used for metal halide lamp, iodine gallium lamp, exposure lamp, high pressure mercury lamp and so on. It can make the lamps start rapidly and enhance the voltage in a short time.


  • Stable performance

  • Cost-effective

Product Details



  • Pulse output voltage of triggers need to be proportional to ignition voltage of UV lamps

  • Trigger time not too long. Generally 1 to 5 seconds.

  • Lead length of the high-frequency output is less than 3 meters

  • Triggers are not allowed to word under no load.

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