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4 leads uv super capacitor

         Volume : 2kv/ 2.5kv/ 3kv/ 3.5kv

         Micro Farads Range : 1.5uf to 40uf

         Voltage Range : 500v - 4500v

Product Description:

UV capacitor, with advanced production technologies (non-inductive winding and high vacuum impregnation), high-voltage testing, high-precision RLC electrical parameter testing,         electrophoresis appearance treatment, uniform color and elegant streamlines, is characterized by strong corrosion resistance, high security and reliability (a built-in explosion-proof device), durability and superior performance (for high-frequency high-voltage terminals). With terminals ranging from 2 to 6, voltage from 500V to 4,500V, and capacity from 1.5UF to 40UF, these products can be customized. 

Xupurui UV capacitors are applied in advanced production technologies as below:

  • Non-inductive winding

  • High vacuum impregnation

  • High-precision RLC electrical parameter testing

  • High-voltage testing

  • Built-in explosion-proof device


  • Easy installation and use

  • Reliable performance

  • Excellent moisture resistance

  • Special capacitors can be customized

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