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220v uvc lamps electronic ballast

Brand : XUPURUI       Model : XPR-zlq

Type : Electrical ballast

Power : 10W(W)       Voltage : 220(V)

Frequency : 50/60(HZ)

Current : 0.05(A)       Power factor : 36

Rated voltage : 220V    Rated power : 55W


Product Description:

UVC ballast

Germicidal lamp electronic ballast is critical. Only when the UV lamp and electronic ballast 

perfectly matches, the entire UV system works best. 


  • Wide operating voltage range

  • Low starting current and extended lamp life

  • lEfficiency up to 90%

  • lHigh power factor

  • lConstant power output

  • lOpen circuit protection, short circuit protection

  • lAdapt to a wide range of temperatures

  • lEasy installation

  • lNo external starter

  • lNo external compensation capacitor

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