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UVC lamp ballast uv germicidal lamp ballast

Brand : XUPURUI         Model : XPR-zlq

Type : Electrical ballast

Power : 10W(W)       Voltage : 220(V)

Frequency : 50/60(HZ)

Current : 0.05(A)      Power factor : 36

Rated voltage : 220V    Rated power : 55W


Product Description:

UVC ballast

Germicidal lamp electronic ballast is critical. Only when the UV lamp and 

electronic ballast perfectly matches, the entire UV system works best. 

The compatibility between UV germicidal lamps and ballasts is very important, 

but which is often ignored unfortunately during practical application.There are 

magnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts in the market, but the latter is more 

environmental than the former, saving energy. XUPURUI can provide multiform 

electronic ballasts 


  • Wide operating voltage range

  • Low starting current and extended lamp life

  • Efficiency up to 90%

  • High power factor

  • Constant power output

  • Open circuit protection, short circuit protection

  • Adapt to a wide range of temperatures

  • Easy installation

  • No external starter

  • No external compensation capacitor

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