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380v metal halide electronic ballast

Input220v 50hz
Materialimported silicon steel


Product Description:

           Ultraviolet Lighting Source Series--UV BALLAST

UV ballast are important components in operating lamps. It applies to 1-5kw UV tubes. It enables the 

lamp to start up in a short time by instantly boosting voltage. With the function subsided of UV trigger, and 

current limited by ballast, then the tube can operate normally.

NO.NameWatteWorking voltageWorking currentMaterial
1UV Ballast1kw220v1301.8Copper wire / aluminum wire
2UV Ballast2kw220v1501.14Copper wire / aluminum wire
3UV Ballast2kw220v2501.18Copper wire / aluminum wire
4UV Ballast3kw220v1801.18Copper wire / aluminum wire
5UV Ballast3kw220v2801.12Copper wire / aluminum wire

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