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infrared lamp for industrial heating system heating element

Usage : infrared heating and drying

Wavelength : 1.2 ~ 1.4 microns

Rated Power : 300w ~ 6000w

Input Voltage : 110v/  220v/ 380v

Overall Length : 50 ~ 2800mm

Tube Diameter : 18 ~ 20mm

Tube Materia : high purity quartz

Tubular : Standard, U-shape, H-shape,  Bended

Response Time : 1 s

Certification : CE

Warranty : 8000 hours

Product Description:

               IR lamp series

IR lamp, also known as infrared heating lamp, is the main component of the 

radiation in the infrared spectral range of the lamp. Infrared light can provide 

accurate control of energy radiation, can be used for heating, infrared lamps 

are widely used in machinery, automotive, food, medical and other industries.

carbon fiber features

        Imported spiral carbon filament has high thermal stability. Heating up quickly, 

than the traditional metal materials more than 30% energy saving, acid resistance, 

corrosion resistance.

 product name infrared lamp
Usageinfrared heating and drying
Wavelength1.2 ~ 1.4 microns
Rated Power300w ~ 6000w
Input Voltage110v/  220v/ 380v
Overall Length50 ~ 2800mm
Tube Diameter18 ~ 20mm
Tube Material high purity quartz
TubularStandard, U-shape, H-shape,  Bended
Response Time1 s
Warranty 8000 hours
Custom Available Yes

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