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xupurui ultraviolet UV curing lamp technical support and after-sales service details
I.After-sales service commitment
xupurui point source provided by the uv lamp life 1000 hours, the company responsible for the uv lamp for life during the period of maintenance, warranty period according to use the time to check.
Provide hotline support (1).Users in case of maintenance or operation of any problems, please call my company after-sales maintenance services, consult technical personnel related issues.Service hotline time:7*24h.The company after contact phone number: +8615194973615
(2) In any case, the user can through our service department 24-hour technical support email to contact the relevant person in charge of our company, we will reply in the first place.

II.The technical service
Pre-sale obligations
Pre-sale: During the user to identify needs, our company will introduce to the users of our latest uv lamp products and technologies, and recommended products suitable for the users to use, answer user questions are put forward on the technical solution.Finally to the user in accordance with user requirements, and with advanced, reliable and stable operation for a long time, which has the best performance of the uv lamp products, provide the reference for the user.     
After sale: Answers to users in the use of various technical problems encountered.Good solutions are put forward.With our technical personnel professional technology and rich experience for the user puts forward useful Suggestions.And to introduce new products and technologies to the user.Reasonable full use, create a good economic and social benefits.

III.Provide maintenance
(1) After the free warranty period, our company to provide customers with the same grade of continue to use the uv lamp for customers, only charge the cost.
(2) The warranty period or after the warranty period, such as a failure, the user can directly send back to my company inspection, our technical staff to determine after repaired promptly returned to the user;If can't repair, can provide the user with the same accessories, only charge a uv lamp cost.
IV.Other terms
(1) Fee warranty service doesn't include all because of negligence, carelessness, not fault or damage caused by an instruction processing products, also does not include the transformation of product itself and missing parts.
(2) Any by the company authorized person for their repair, change, or do STH without authorization changes caused by damage, not included within the terms of this warranty service.

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